Quizlet is a simple to use application that enhances digital learning which allows students to use learning games and tools in order to study any given subject.

It is the world’s largest virtual learning environment that has over 300 million study sets, 50 million active learners that are from 130 countries.

The Quizlet app is available for download at the Apple and Google Play stores through your mobile device; its website is enhanced to be accessed through your computer or all mobile devices.

It is accessible by setting up a free account with an option for a 30-day free trial (Quizlet, 2019) . 

What is Quizlet?

Quizlet is not your traditional Digital Learning Management Systems (LMS). It is a bare-bones alternative. It comes from a different pedagogical approach than other traditional virtual learning environments; such as Blackboard (Godwin-Jones, R., 2012).

It is ideal for students to work on their vocabulary while playing a matching game, a gravity game, playing a game on quizlet live, or just having fun using the technology. It is very simple to use and pretty soon you forget that you are doing a homework assignment. It is a great online language learning tool for teachers.

Quizlet’s features are set up for rote learning which makes it very popular for the language learning community. It focuses on memorization of vocabulary and provides an informal assessment where it can be a great tool for at-risk students before they fail critical exams (Duffy & Fenton, 2017).

Using Quizlet

Using Quizlet?
(YouTube, 2019)

Quizlet on Android
(YouTube, 2019)

Teachers can create their own study sets from scratch, however, there are hundreds of study sets in Quizlet from ELL educators that can be “repurposed”.

It is very easy to repurpose a study set in Quizlet.

1. Do Search for “language learning”. 2. Select study set 3. Recommend looking for study sets from Teachers
(Quizlet, 2019)
4. Press Customize icon
(Quizlet, 2019)
5. Change name 6. Press Create
(Quizlet, 2019)
7. Share if needed
(Quizlet, 2019)
8. Press the 3 dots to keep customizing
(Quizlet, 2019)
9. Customize to what you need for your class
(Quizlet, 2019)

Integrating Quizlet with LTI

Quizlet has Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) capability. It can link services and tools outside of LMS and into course sites. Therefore, Teachers can add an embedded link from Quizlet into Blackboard (Godwin-Jones, R., 2012).  

Or………. by embedding and activating links from LMS, teachers and students can normally access the critical language learning tools needed. LTI also supports other scenarios where a teacher will decide to launch an ELL tool from Facebook, or Google (IMS, 2019).

How to use LTI to embed Quizlet Test into FB

Or….embed the Quizlet link to any social media site to play a matching game to improve upon the students’ vocuabulary.

It is ideal for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Direct or similar social media sites.

Embedding a Matching Game into Facebook


(S)usbtitution – Teachers repurpose a language learning set from Quizlet from hundreds of language learning study sets and then adds more study sets to cater to the classroom’s lesson plan by searching for specific ELL study sets or they can customize the current repurposed study set.

(A)ugmentation – Teachers create their own classroom from their lesson plan. Study sets are created within the Quizlet classroom from scratch and the creator can specify who can become members of this class without sending a link or use the specific “Class Join Link” in order to send to all participating students without creating an account.

(M)odification – Teachers allows other members to add sets in order to redesign and enhance the class. The Teacher has the option to select who can add or edit any study sets. Therefore, all participants that added or edited anything into the class can also grab that and repurpose it to cater to their lesson plans.

(R)edefinition – Teacher uses LTI to integrate Quizlet tools and services into Blackboard, Twitter, and Facebook in order to reach global Quizlet users and global feedback. Teachers can allow members all over the globe to be in their class and not only participate, but, edit and add their own study sets into the class; you now have a global ESL classroom with participants all over the world.

Communication & Collaboration

Quizlet most definitely allow students and teachers that are members to collaborate. Teachers who created or repurposed a study set are able to combine sets from other members. Also, as you create a class, you can add study sets from other members as well; members can also use your study set to use on their class (Quizlet, 2019) . 

I could not find a way for students and teachers to communicate within Quizlet. The closest thing is Quizlet Live where students work together to win a game. But they cannot text, or talk to each other while playing from the computer or mobile device.  

Language Learning Ideas with Quizlet

Students Create Their Own Study Sets

Texas Animals Flashcards
(Quizlet, 2019)

Have students create a free account (parents permission if needed) and go in there and search for a specific topic to your lesson plan. Have your students create a study set of Texas Animals (for example) and get them to create five terms with five definitions on their favorite animals in Texas. Encouraging them to do a search of “Texas Animals” in Quizlet and possibly use some of those terms and definitions if they wanted to. Have the students talk about which Texas Animals they picked and why. This would be a great group assignment.

In addition, students search for other animals all over the world (whales) and select the study set and have them repurpose it to their account. Then use the LTI link and post it onto their (or their parents’) social media site; and ask for feedback from their family and friends on the post.


I have always thought idioms were a great way for ELLs to learn English. It is a light and jesting way to learn a second language that motivates students. I believe the English-Speaking majority do use idioms frequently throughout their day. 

Idioms Matching Game in Quizlet
(Quizlet, 2019)

There are three psycholinguistic reasons exist as to why it is beneficial for language learners to use idioms (Amer, M., 2014) : 

1. It helps learners attain perceived native speech performance.

2. They are fetched from memory in chunks that assist learners produce less hesitations.

3. It facilitates a fluid language production under real-world conditions.

These are great reasons as to why Quizlet would be ideal to use idioms for ELLs.  


Homonyms are complicated for any English Language user. That is why I think that teaching Homonyms in Quizlet is a great idea. I would recommend exposing ELL students since Homonyms are widely used anywhere the English Language is spoken. Developing the class to real world scenarios would be ideal.  

The smart ELL teacher needs to spend extra time ensuring their students clearly understand Homonyms by using common words. Daily memorization and constant practice are key to successfully retain Homonyms (Kuehn, P., 2019). 

Homonym Matching Game in Quizlet
(Quizlet, 2019)

Alternative Apps


(Duolingo, 2019)

Duolingo is a gamification format for language learning. Alot of its users are teachers and entire governments all over the world. It is a great complement for teachers and in the classroom. Each lesson gives students feedback and practice to get them prepared for the physical classrooms.

Duolingo has a tracking feature for Teachers in order to stay on top of what their students are doing in their dashboard.

Each lesson includes a variety of speaking, listening, translation, and multiple choice challenges. It also instantly sees which answers you get correct. When you miss a challenge, it will quickly show you how to improve (Duolingo, 2019) . Duolingo is free to use.


(Anki, 2019)

Anki aligns well with rote language learning. Because it makes remembering things easy, it is very efficient than most traditional learning methods. It is very easy to customize your video, audio, and images. Its strong synchronization makes it ideal to use across all of your devices.

Anki’s format works in two ways; Spaced Repetition and Active Recall Testing. By recalling something, it strengthens your memory and we remember things more effectively when we spread our reviews over time instead of studying alot of times in one session (Anki, 2019). Anki is free to use.


Thank You for your Time 🙂


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